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How Moving Affects Your Children

Peek inside the mind of a little boy that is moving. He is supposed to put all his stuff into one box and quickly faces the problem of how to take his friends and his one favorite tree with him.

A move can be tough on anyone, but experts contend that moving to a new home can trigger a sometimes surprising amount of stress in young children, who are vulnerable to being overcome with fears about what to expect. Most children don't know as many ways to cope with a new situation.

Moving can be really scary for children of any age. They will have a lot of questions and strange feelings about moving. They may feel nervous or excited - or both. Why do we have to move at all? Can I bring my pet? Will the kids in my new school like me? Am I going to like my new house? These questions...and many others will fill your childs mind from the minute the moving plans are announced, as this will become a very anxious period of your child?s life.

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It's critical that you have this information on hand BEFORE you decide to move. This will enable you to have the answers you will need...and the many questions you can expect to hear from your children.

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