Mike Axer

"32 Sawdon Dr.

Whitby, ON


Dear Mike & Isabel,

We like to compliment you on the quick & very successful Sale of our house on 32 Sawdon Drive, Whitby. We had our house several months on the market, a For Sale by

Owner company employed, numerous ads in the paper, every weekend Open House, but got only one lousy Offer $50,000 less than what you brought us. It pays off to deal with

real professionals. You kept us always informed what was going on and sold our house in a week close to asking price. We know how competitive the Real Estate business is

and encourage everybody who wants to buy or sell to deal with you guys. We are sure that they will get the same level of service and expertise which we got and enjoyed so


Good luck for the future and lots of sales."

Date of Posting: 28 October 2005
Posted By: Doug & Barbara Mack

"Dear Mike & Isabel!

We would like to congratulate you both and your team for all your services and the excellent results which you predicted and achieved. We are very happy with the outcome. You not only listed our home but also sold it yourself to a client of yours. Your tools of the trade are ”non plus ultra” and it pays off to deal with the best in the


There was nothing left to chance. Major exposure on your own web sites and the Re/Max Corporate web site, continuous picture advertising in the papers, and your excellent VIP Buyer House Hunting System were all valuable tools to keep a constant stream of qualified and ready to move buyers visiting our house. It was just a matter of a short time to close a buyer on paper. We really appreciated your honesty and professionalism in explaining all steps, the accuracy in perfomtlng your tasks, the speed you at your team members answered phone calls, down to the little stuff, everything was well planned, prepared and executed. How Mike handled the offer showed that he is a very experienced negotiator keeping the parties calm with no hype or stress. He managed to get matching closing dates for us and he monitored everything until closing. The web based Home Feedback System was an incredible thing we had never heard about, but never the less kept us superbly informed with every comment buyers and agents have made about our house. We also considered your 24 hr. Hotiine and your impressive website very important parts of the whole Marketing Process, and we know now too well how many things have to be mastered in getting a house sold. By the way, Isabel, persistency pays off! You kept in touch with us in a very consistent but non aggressive way by sending or emailing us valuable real estate related community info since about three years ago when you guys sold our neighbour's house. So, you were our obvious choice and we did very well choosing you. We wish you all the best, and we certainly will recommend you, don't worry!"

Date of Posting: 28 October 2005
Posted By: Peter & Loretta Tomlin

"Dear Mike & Isabel,

It was really impressive how you and your team associates handled the sale of our home on 61 Trellanock Ave. in June 2004 and finding us our beautiful new home in Durham Region. We were at first a little bit reluctant to entrust our selling services to an agent in Durham Region since our house to sell was in Scarborough. Boy, were we wrong!

When we had you, Mike & Isabel, over you convinced us quickly that you guys are an obvious choice to do business with. We consider ourselves very experienced home

sellers and buyers, since we have had already several buy & sell transactions previously. The kind of professionalism and service you offered us was absolutely phenomenal and really deserves our highest recognition. We do not give voluntarily any testimonials nor did we get any incentives for this testimonial letter. We were struck by your competence in every detail of the selling and buying process. How you explained and guided us through both transactions, how you explained us the importance to list our house first before we approach the buying stage and your non plus ultra Marketing Tools. You put a 1-800 # on our sign for 24 hour promotion, your impressive Marketing on your Real Estate web site, your in depth Market Evaluation on our house with thorough explanation of what was happening in the local real estate market were very much appreciated and very helpful. You showed and proved us how much more we can expect by getting a systematic team approach handling our selling and buying needs where the work is divided between competent team members and a real estate agent has not to do all the tasks by himself. It was only logical for us to hire you and Isabel and your team - and we are glad we did so! You sold our Semi on 61 Trellanock Ave. in a record time of 6 days for a record 99% of list price, not bad 3 257,000 for a Semi, eh!

Your VIP Buyer Profile Email System was an even valuable tool for us to find our beautiful new home on 90Harkness Dr. in Whitby. You have set up a very accurate Buyer Profile for us which was eliminating lots of stress for us. Your assistant emailed us every day with all the new listings on the market in our price range. Since we got all

the listings with addresses and inside pictures, we could do drive by’s ourselves and familiarize with the neighbourhood; on the other hand by getting all the vital information instantly we could directly eliminate homes which were not so interesting for us. So we did not waist any time and had quickly our new home bought on Harkness Dr. Even we came in dual offer situation we only plaid slightly over asking price. Making a long story short, we really thank you for your honesty and friendship during the process.

Feel free to pass our name and phone number to people who need your services. We will be happy to refer you.


90 Harkness Dr.

Whitby, ON

LIR 2G1 Ph: 905-571-3965"

Date of Posting: 02 September 2004
Posted By: Tracey & Glen Morse